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Historically the “Boulder Clay”

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The ammonite Amoeboceras serratum usually found destroyed from tumbling around in the Ice Age glacial till but not this one. 😉 Amoeboceras serratum Amoeboceras serratum Amoeboceras serratum Amoeboceras serratum  …

Oxford Clay ammonites

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With the aid of the Fossils of the Oxford Clay book these ammonites would appear to be Kosmoceras spinosum. Unfortunately the exact location is unknown only the fossils were found…

Actinostreon marshii (Sowerby 1814)

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Actinostreon marshii (Sowerby 1814) used to have the genus name Lopha but it is assumed nowadays that this mollusc is not related to the modern day Lophas. The old oysters…

Nostalgia + Fossils

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Nostalgia + fossils 😉 3d in today’s money = If needed reclassification of contents = “Still lots to get through Bill”  

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