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November 2016

*The SDGS are pleased to announce that we have affiliated to Deposits Magazine and UKGE*

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“The Stamford and District Geological Society are pleased to announce that we have affiliated to Deposits Magazine and UKGE. This brings a great benefit to all members. As members will now receive a free quarterly PDF copy of deposits, packed with superb articles on fossils, rocks and minerals as part of their Membership of the SDGS. With newly signed up members also benefiting from this fantastic offer as part of joining the Stamford and District Geological Society.

More information on the magazine and online back articles can be found at, and geological tools and equipment can be obtained from UKGE, which now offer free UK shipping on geological equipment.”


* The SDGS is now listed on the UK Fossils website *

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The SDGS is now listed on the UK Fossils website in their EVENT section for all the forthcoming winter talks. Plus the SDGS is also listed as a REGIONAL SOCIETY in the LINKS section.

Quoted below from the UK Fossils website with permission


“UK Fossils was formed in 1998 by Alister Cruickshank’s who started the site from a ‘Freeserve Domain’, as a personal interest site. Originally with 30 locations, UK Fossils quickly snowballed into this huge network we have today. Over 350 locations are now featured, along with Discuss Fossils, one of our network sites, regularly visited by experts from around the globe who help identify peoples finds.”



* November 1995 : the 1st edition of the Jurassic Times was published *

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November 1995 the first edition of the Jurassic Times was published.

The Jurassic Times was published by the Stamford and District Geology Society.
Published quarterly in March, June, September and December. Jurassic Times publishes the proceedings of the Society together with articles of a Geological and Paleontological nature and other items of interest to members. Any opinions expressed are those of the individual authors, for which the Society does not accept any responsibility.

* Great Tew quarry finds *

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Rare crinoids and a mixture of Harpoceras, Hildoceras and Dacticioceras ammonites  found by members of the SDGS  on a recent organised field trip to Great Tew quarry. 🙂



SDGS members enjoying a lovely days sunshine


SDGS members looking for ammonites


Blue lias exposure at Great Tew quarry


* Dr Jeff Liston : Patron : for the Stamford and District Geological Society *

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The Stamford and District Geological Society are truly honoured to have Jeff Liston as patron.

Jeff has had a long and successful career working with the National Museums of Scotland and the University of Bristol, but he pinpoints his eighteen years spent at the Hunterian Museum, during which time he worked as Curator of the Alfred Leeds collection of 650 fossil vertebrates, as when he first encountered the Oxford Clay fossils from around the Peterborough area. This led to his association with John Hudson’s Oxford Clay Working Group, through which he first met Alan Dawn, and guided his choice of PhD to the Middle Jurassic suspension-feeding fish Leedsichthys.

Speaking about why he has agreed to put his name behind our society, Jeff says:
“Considering the global significance of the material found in this area, it is a truly remarkable local resource, yet so few people from the area realise the importance of the animals in the clay that they walk upon. Leicester’s Arthur Cruickshank first introduced me to Alan Dawn and the Oxford Clay collections in Peterborough Museum eighteen years ago. And even then it was clear to me that the fossil material that comes from here even puts grand and revered localities like Lyme Regis into the shade.
I am more than happy to do whatever I can to help promote the work of SDGS to promote the geological heritage of the area, in no small part as a tribute to the memory and legacy of Alan Dawn.”

You can also find many publications penned by Jeff and his colleagues on his page at


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