Alan Dawn 1923 – 2010

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Alan Dawn, President of the Stamford and District Geological Society.


Alan was born into a farming family near Sheffield in 1923. He was educated at the local school and gained a place at Sheffield University to read geography. The second world war, and a call up to the Royal Navy, interrupted his degree, which he gained once peace returned. Alan went into teaching, a career which brought him to Stamford in 1961. His first post was in Stamford and he then moved to Bourne.


A chance meeting in Stamford aroused his interest in geology and he joined W E A classes. His quick grasp of the subject and enthusiasm led to him being asked to take classes himself. Out of this grew the idea of forming a local Geological Society which he and his wife, Pauline, did in 1982. With their interests in Geology; to arrange activities to further such interests; to raise awareness of the sciences in the public generally.


On retiring Alan became involved with Peterborough Museum recovering and conserving fossil remains from the area. Many of these are now on display at the museum at least three of which have been named after him.

His work has been recognised nationally. In 1990 he became the first recipient of The Palaeontological Association’s Award For Amateur Palaeontologists and in 1994 he was awarded the Foulton Medal from the Geological Association.

Alan never forgot that he was a teacher and could always be approached to identify and explain people’s fossil finds, especially children’s.He was regularly asked to give talks to other organisations.


Alan will be greatly missed by all who knew him.


Here are a few links you may find of interest giving a brief insight into the life and times of Alan Dawn.

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Middle Jurassic Sequence at Ketton by Alan Dawn.

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The Stamford and District Geological Society photo archives :


Here is a rare insight into some of the work performed by Alan Dawn and various members of the Stamford and District Geological Society .Depicting some behind the scene photos taken in the old workshop at the Peterborough museum and from various digs around the Peterborough area. They are currently being reproduced from slides with quite a few still yet to do. With permission they have been kindly loaned to the society for us to show on our website.
Hope you enjoy them.
If you should have any other slides that are associated with Alan Dawn and the Stamford and District Geological Society. Then I’m more than willing to convert them into photos for our website for all to see and admire.



elephant skull sdgs

elephant straight tusk ipswichian river channel deeoing saint james 1996 alan dawn sdgs

mandible elephant alan dawn 08 10 1997 sdgs

museum workshop elephant sdgs

Leedsicthys (1) sdgs

Leedsicthys (2) sdgs

Leedsicthys (3) sdgs

Leedsicthys (4) sdgs

Leedsicthys (5) sdgs

draining sdgs

gridding sdgs

leedsichthys bones sdgs

leedsichthys bones_1 sdgs

leedsichthys bones_2 sdgs

leedsichthys bones_3 sdgs

leedsichthys bones_4 sdgs

leedsichthys dig sdgs

leedsichthys dig_1 sdgs

leedsichthys dig_2 sdgs

leedsichthys dig_3 sdgs

leedsichthys dig_4 sdgs

leedsichthys dig_5 sdgs

leedsichthys dig_6 sdgs

leedsichthys dig_7 sdgs

leedsichthys fin sdgs

lifting fin sdgs

plastered fin sdgs

rolling fin sdgs

auroch bones nordelph peat sdgs

bones plastered leedsichthys sdgs

carrying fin sdgs

gluing bones sdgs

leedsichthys dig_8 sdgs

leedsichthys dig_9 sdgs

leedsichthys dig_10 sdgs

leedsichthys dig_11 sdgs

leedsichthys dig_12 sdgs

leedsichthys dig_13 sdgs

leedsichthys dig_14 sdgs

leedsichthys diggers sdgs

leedsichthys farcet sdgs

leedsichthys fin sdgs

leedsichthys gazebo sdgs

leedsichthys glued bones sdgs

leedsichthys tented site sdgs

leedsichythys star pit sdgs

leedsichythys star pit_1 sdgs

leedsichythys star pit_2 sdgs

leedsichythys star pit_3 sdgs

lifting plastered bones sdgs

plastered bones sdgs

plastered fin_1 sdgs

plastered fin_2 sdgs

rolling fin_1 sdgs

star pit sdgs

tracing leedsichthys sdgs

tracing sdgs