* Another Pleasant Winter Talk *

By January 13, 2016News

A rather pleasant evening was had by all.

A real team effort by the society for our winter talks on the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs.

Thank you to everyone who made it out into the chilli night for the talk.

It was a kind gesture from Ivor who gave our speaker Naomi Stevenson a lift to Tinwell Village hall and back home. The few all be it temporary technical issues we had with our projector didn’t hold us up for long. For one of our members leapt into action to fetch his personal projector to save the evening which was great. While the newly borrowed projector on its way back to us at speed. The members indulged in a little mind over matter pressing buttons…and hey presto it worked.

So again thank you to that person who went out of their way to save the day, I apologise for not catching your name but I’m sure Sheila will put me right.

And also in the melee of kick starting the projector I’d like to say thanks to the gentleman who told us the history of Tinwell village hall…again I’m useless with names so I do apologise.

Ok so what can I remember about the talk…well everything to be more exact. I was fixated by the journey Naomi took us on as I’m sure everyone else was.

We truly owe so much to the Victorian’s with their new found knowledge and vision as to how these prehistoric animals would have looked millions of years ago. With the herculean efforts to attract people in of the day. And now to date the very important conservation work that is being carried out at the park.

I for one shall be certainly visiting this historical site but better still I’m going to see if I can arrange a visit with the society…( Watch This Space ).

Thank you to Bill for opening up the hall and putting a couple of pounds in the meter for the heating.
Thank you to Mick for the tea, coffee and biscuits.

Thank you again Ivor for the miniature book store you always bring with you. That’s a highlight for me as I love a good read.

Thank you to Sheila for handling funds for the kitty from the evening.

Once again thank you to everyone who came along.

…..Really look forward to Richard Forrests winter talk on Plesiosaurs on Wednesday the 10th of February 2016…same place…same times.

I mean “Forget Dinosaurs: plesiosaurs are much more interesting Dean Lomax…Just kidding with you Dean…



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