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Important SDGS Information

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Hello Members,

SDGS – Year 2018/2019.

May I remind you that subscriptions were due on 1 September 2018 for the current year. It would be appreciated if you would either send a cheque to me or bring your membership dues to our first meeting on 3 October 2018. This first meeting of the season is Women in Geology given by Mr. Paul Hildreth.

May I also remind you that you cannot go on a field trip unless your membership is up to date. This is because of stricter rules by the quarries we visit and our insurance cover.

Thank you for your support

Treasurer: Sheila Martin: email
Wednesday October 3rd 2018| 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Saturday October 6th, 2018 | 9:00 am to 3:00 pm



A anterior sauropod caudal from the Peterborough Oxford Clay : Whose tail is it anyway?

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I would guess there have been quite a few SDGS member’s over the years collecting fossils from various Oxford Clay deposits around Peterbrough. Would anyone be able to identify any of the bivalves adhered to this sauropod. It’s from the Callovian, Oxford Clay Fm., Peterborough ^^

You can watch Femke Holwerda discuss this most intriguing find at the recent SVPCA 2018 held in Manchester at the link below.

An anterior sauropod caudal from the Peterborough Oxford Clay : Whose tail is it anyway ?


Women in Geology celebrating 100 years since women won the right to vote.

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For all those intending to go to the Stamford and Districts Geological Societies winter talk at Tinwell Village Hall in October 2018 please be aware that the date has changed to Wednesday the 3rd of October 2018 : from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

The talk will be presented by Mr Paul Hildreth and his subject will be on Women in Geology celebrating 100 years since women won the right to vote.

This event is free to members of the Stamford and District Geological Society. And for visitors a charge of £3 please. You can also apply for membership on the night.



Visit To King’s Dyke Nature Reserve cancelled

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Due to a lack of interest for the fossil area at King’s Dyke Nature Reserve fossil area, scheduled for the 4th of August 2018.

The SDGS has decided to cancel this event, and perhaps rearrange later in the year.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.



Help needed with Asteracanthus tooth

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The Blisworth Limestone is variable both in thickness and in character. It is not oolitic and tends to weather grey such as the matrix you see below. The oyster Praeexogyra hebridica is abundant with some nice examples showing here.

When I found this particular tooth apart from the root missing it would appear to be complete.

Would anyone know what part of the Hybodonts dentition this tooth would be from.

Showing bottom of tooth with missing root

Ketton Quarry report back : June the 2nd : 2018

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Wonderful day at Ketton Quarry with members of the SDGS. This site has probably the best section of the Middle Jurassic strata in the East Midlands. Our trip took us through the quarry revealing rocks from the Upper Lias Clay to the Kellaways sands and clays. We were also privileged to visit the northern part of the pit to view some fantastic faulting.

As a group we mainly concentrated looking for fossils in the Upper and Middle Bathonian sections.

Here’s a few scenery and fossil photos of the day from some of our members. With more to follow 🙂

Various Asteracanthus teeth in situ and cleaned up.

Scenery and members

Close ups of cleaned fossils

Also we were allowed to hand hold some of the fossils that had been found around the quarry over the years. And that have been donated by various visitors. With this one below that had been donated by “Alan Dawn” himself. It has no provenance associated with it whatsoever. If anyone should have any information on this very intriguing fossil, then do let the society know.

Thank you for all those Involved at Ketton Quarry for making a great day out. And see you again soon.

* Visit to the King’s Dyke Nature Reserve fossil area *

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Great News

The SDGS members have a planned visit to the King’s Dyke Nature Reserve Fossil Area. Which will be on the morning of Saturday the 4th August 2018.

For further details please check our events calendar.


Kenny Nye (field secretary) for the Stamford and District Geological Society.

p.s. This event would be a great family outing for our younger members.

Here’s a link below giving a fantastic description of the fossil area , courtesy of the website.

King’s Dyke Pit

Important notice for all those attending the AGM meeting on Wednesday the 14th of March 2018

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Important notice for all those attending the AGM meeting on Wednesday the 14th of March 2018

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances our booked speaker Iain Thornton for this coming Wednesday cannot present his talk. So we have one of our members of the SDGS kindly standing in as a replacement. Also if you have some fossils to bring in for a “show and tell” then please feel free to do so.




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