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Hi everyone,

Continuing on with the run of fine weather we are having the SDGS members where blessed with glorious weather for their field trip to Bantycock Opencast quarry. With thirteen members attending it was a fantastic turn out.

I’d just like to thank you all for making the trip well done everyone. I’d also like to thank all those involved in getting this field trip off the ground as it’s no easy feat. And a very big thanks to Andrew Swift for leading us.

And of course to all the staff at Bantycock Opencast quarry for giving up some of their time and exposing a section of Westbury Formation for us, for that we are always very appreciative.
Look forward to next year’s trip.



And now pleasantries aside here are a few photos that one of our members has sent us of their finds. If you should have any other photos then please don’t hesitate to send them in.

Small caudal ichthyosaur vertebra
small caudal ichthyosaur vertebra

Probably a pliosaur rib section but it seems to have grooves on one side so it could be part of an ichthyosaur mandible. The member who found it keeps changing their mind about which it is!….so any help would be appreciated.
probably a pliosaur rib section or part of an ichthyosaur mandible

part of an ichthyosaur mandible or probably a pliosaur rib section

Plesiosaur rib
plesiosaur rib

A selection of coprolites, most with scaly inclusions.
selection of coprolites most with scaly inclusions

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