* Dinosaurs of the British Isles Winter Talk Review *

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I think it was a real treat for the society to have had a palaeontologist such as Dean Lomax to visit us and to talk about Dinosaurs of the British Isles. Without the publication of his NEW BOOK you just couldn’t comprehend the diversity of Dinosauria roaming our shores…

Barely a week seems to go by without the announcement of some new dinosaur discovery. We seem to have become accustomed to media reports highlighting some exciting aspect of the Dinosauria, often from faraway places and remote parts of the world. Whilst it is always intriguing to hear reports of fossil finds relating to prehistoric animals that once lived in the Arctic Circle or indeed, to see pictures of the newest type of feathered dinosaur identified from north-eastern China, it is worth remembering that dinosaurs, lots of them for that matter, once roamed the British Isles.

To hear about meat-eating dinosaurs from Swindon, Stegosaurs from Peterborough and Tyrannosaurs from the Isle of Wight left you gobsmacked.

Ive also heard on the grapevine that Dean might be working on another new publication about Marine Reptiles…..let’s hope we can get him booked in for next year..!



“Oh yes and there was the rather embarrassing scenario on my part moment, when Dean incorporated into his PowerPoint presentation and showed everyone my Theropods footprint I found at Saltwick Bay “…Ha Ha.

*A Great Day Was Had By All….*

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I’d just like to say a big thank you to all those who attended the Bantycock opencast mine field trip and to all those who put the time and effort into making this event possible. We had been informed on our arrival that the lifespan of the quarry is very much in doubt due to the difficulties and rising costs of extracting the Gypsum. So with planned visits to Bantycock next year I can’t stress enough…anyone wishing to come along should join the Stamford and District Geological Society as soon as possible. As there is a limit to how many members in the group can visit at anyone time.

Here are a few photos of ( Bantycock opencast mine ) just too show you some of the members finds from the day and how vast this opencast mine is.

It truly was a great day. There will be a field trip report to follow soon.


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*Winter Talks Program Complete…dont forget to write the dates in your Diary*

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…So there we have it folks our Winter Lecture Program at Tinwell Village Hall is now fully booked. Id just like to say thank you to the committee for putting everything into place…well done.

Look forward to seeing all those who attend.


Tinwell Village Hall



Manor Lane

Main Contact

Mr Dave Oregan

Telephone: 01780 756 341
Contactable: 4.30pm – 7.30pm


Facilities offered by Tinwell Village Hall are as follows:

Halls & Meeting Rooms

Room Seating Charges
Main Hall 100

Room Facilities

Facility Availability
Electrical Power Points YES
Central Heating YES

Indoor Facilities

  • Easy Interior Access
  • 2 Toilets

Outdoor Facilities

  • Easy Exterior Access
  • Big Car Park

Announced in the Jurassic Times December edition 1995 *Rigs site opens at Ketton*

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I thought you would like to read a paragraph from the first edition of the Stamford and District Geological Societies (Jurassic Times editions) titled…* Rig site opens at Ketton *


In relation to the Photo Of The Week which was one of many finds found on the 18th of May 2013 on an organised field trip to Ketton Quarry.

The Newsletter of the Stamford and District Geology Society.

December 1995.

RIG site opens at Ketton.

Saturday, September 16th 1995 saw the culmination of more than a year’s work for the Society’ with the opening of the RIG site at Ketton [GR SK978053] by the Bishop of Grantham, the Rt Rev William ind.
A RIG or Regionally Important Geological Site, is an exposure that is important to the understanding of the geology of a particular area. The site at Ketton shows exposures of the Blisworth Limestone Rutland Formation Lincolnshire Limestone.These Middle Jurassic rocks are cut by a fault in the main face. The fault is part of a system of faults caused by valley cambering. At the top of the fault there is evidence of cryoturbation. A second fault runs through the site as is shown by the two exposures of Blisworth Limestone being at different elevations.

The RIG site is in a disused quarry. The society members had to clear the accumulated undergrowth before any further work could proceed. Steps were cut to enable visitors to see the exposures at close quarters. Paths were laid to link the main exposures and hand rails were provided for the steeper parts. A car park and access ramp down to the site completed the work. In recognition of the work the Society has performed in creating this site a certificate lias been awarded by English Nature.



September 2014 Seminar ‘The Geology and Landscape of the Fen Edge – Cambridgeshire’

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Saturday 13th September 2014

The Geology and Landscape of the Fen Edge – Cambridgeshire

Main Lecture Theatre, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge

(Full disabled access)

Please note that places need to be booked in advance:

Download programme and booking form here

or contact:
Ken Rolfe Chairman, Cambs Geosites Team Mobile: 07777 678685 Email:

This is the second One-Day Seminar to be held by the Cambs Geosites Team and follows on from the highly successful seminar of 2011 entitled ‘The Geology and Landscape of Cambridgeshire’. which explored the geological history and processes that created the landscape we see in the county today.

If you would like to attend this event then please go to the Cambridgeshire Geology Club for full details.

Apply For Membership Here And Join Us On Our Field Trips..

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If you would like to visit a working pit with a geological society (such as the Stamford and District Geological Group), you will have a much higher chance of finding fossils and much better specimens.

There will be members of the SDGS at the Dig Deep for Dinos event at Flag Fen in Whittlesea over the August Bank Holiday .If you should have any questions about becoming a member.

You Can View The Membership Form Here…

Then You Can Download The Form Below..

Stamford-Geological-Society-Membership-Application-Form… so you can print it off and pop it in the post.

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