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…..One of many match boxes passed onto me by one of the longest serving members of the Stamford and District Geological Society. With the promise of giving the fossils (which are encased inside) some much needed TLC. The majority of these housed match box fossils were collected in the mid-1980s. A brief scribble on the box or a very small moth eaten note is supplied with the contents, with very little other information attached. But for me that’s where the fun begins.

Please enjoy my photo gallery at the bottom of the page….:)


As you push the somewhat tatty draws of the match boxes open, a story to research unfolds. I’ve a set of British Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and Caenozoic books and usually more often than not the “World wide Web “ for help to hand, I begin.

First matchbox as you can see (and there are many more to come) these are clearly Brachiopods with a penned clue in the tray of the matchbox “Filey Brigg “but why, when and how have they came to be at present I do not know.

Until now…..That is, I’ve posted a reply in the comment box as an example, as I think I may have found the answer to my question.

Ill post some more hidden gems as and when I can. If you would like to give me a hand in identifying them with posting opinions in the comments box then please let me know.

Note: for reasons you see no associated matchbox with the posted fossil, is because the matchbox will be undergoing extensive repair work. 🙂

UK Fossil Collecting at Filey in Yorkshire



Goniorhynchia boueti

These specimens were found in Langton Herring, Dorset, UK, from the Frome Clay (previously known as Fuller’s Earth).

From the Jurassic period (206 – 144 million years ago)

Period: Jurassic, Great Oolite




Brachiopod labelled as.

Rhynchonellid species?

Lower Lias

Black Ven Marls

Lyme Regis (West Dorset)

I was wondering if this fossil brachiopod might be Rhynchonelloidella wattonesis but I’m not sure if this has been revised since.

Thank you Mr Leoroyd , as promised 😉

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  • Darren says:

    The brachiopods from Filey Brigg are a good match with: Thurmanella acuticosta
    Childs, A. (1969)

    Upper Jurassic rhynchonellid brachiopods from north-western Europe.

    British Museum Natural History, Supplement 6:1-119

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