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A couple of months ago while conducting the pyrite survey with other volunteers at the Peterborough Museum, we found a note in a box of Pliosaur fossils saying about a report on the find in the Peterborough advertiser newspaper and the date 29th of October 1926.

So, with further research from one of the Peterborough volunteers “Ivor Crowson” who is also an honorary member of the Stamford and District Geological Society, went onto finding in the archives at the Peterborough Central Library on Broadway this associated newspaper article. Quoted below, as the quality of the archive including the photograph is as found in the archives.


      “THIS CONSIDERABLY-FLATTENED SURIAN lying in the Oxford Clay at Messrs Eastwoods Yardat Fletton, is arousing considerable attention because if it is the PliosaurusFerox- Fierce variety – it is somewhat rare. The inordinate length of the flappers is noteworthy. The head is gone, but probably it is amongst Mr.Phillips collection in the Peterborough Museum, which was secured by the Museum Society. At any rate, if the Eastwood fossil finds a home there, no difficulty will be experienced in completing the beastie. It was originally an inhabitant of the sea, which was over Fletton in its day, millions of years ago. It was probably chocked to death a tremendous flood bringing tons of mud down thechannel, which emptied into the shallow Oxford Clay sea. It may have come toits end fighting with another of its species, but it was covered with mud before it had time to decay and has thus been preserved. We are now making bricks of that mud deposit!”  

I then went onto conduct my own research and established exactly where the Eastwoods Yard brickworks at Fletton 1B(1) indicated in the photo below, used to be in Peterborough in 1926.

Eastwood’s Yard 1b (1) 1926
Fletton brickmaking sites around Peterborough
Key for the Map

The above additional information helps to tell the story of this very important find. And just goes to show with further research for finds such as these by museum volunteers, will always help give provenance when none is available at the time.

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