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A fine day for fresh air, humour and of course fossils.

Quick note to me or for other field trip leaders to Ketton Quarry: “Whatever the weather is at the time past or present be prepared to encounter the 50 meter quagmire stretch that wellies would be more suitable before you hit some dry land.”

“I keep saying I’ll write this in my field notes for future trips but always forget .I wasn’t going to mention this minor annoyance but it’s something we all chuckle about on our way into and out of the site.”

After you have tippy toed the squelches…..you are presented with one of the largest spoil piles that you are probably ever likely to encounter. Where upon you need to start planning to yourself “how am I going to tackle this and where do I start”. Which is part of the fun especially for the new members amongst us, but they needn’t worry as there is always knowledgeable seasoned members especially for this particular site to pass on any information needed and to answer as many questions as possible.

….The gusts of wind felt relatively calm as they brushed your legs while you pondered on what to do as the spoil becomes more apparent. But for those in the know and prepared to tackle this mini mountain those wisps of wind below can be gale force gusts on the top and believe they were.

Your options are plentiful to look for fossils: either scour the outskirts of the said mini mountain for fossils that have weathered out and tumbled down, or traverse the only so slightly steep sides to which you can achieve some fine results or get to the top. If you should manage the hike to the top, which most of our members did then the view is breath taking (literally). In In geology and earth science, a plateau also called a high plain or tableland and I think that’s a very appropriate description for this square stretch of land at the top of the spoil pile. It’s very weathered and abundant in fossils shells, corals, echinoids, and sharks’ teeth can all be found here.

You really can immerse yourself in your own little world at Ketton Quarry due to the vastness of the quarry as you forage around. And all our members came home with a variety of fossils which was very pleasing to see indeed.
It was great to see so many members at this event and look forward to seeing you all here again next year…….” Must remember my stretch of mud notes “

Thank you to Kenny and Bill for making this day possible and to all the staff at Ketton Quarry.

P.S. if you have any photos you would like to see added to this report back (I’ve already started to add some of mine ( prepped, in-situ fossil photos and scenery shots at the bottom of this page) then please could you e-mail them to me. Also if you would like to add your own comments about the day all you need to do is login. If you don’t have any login details then just ask me and I can set this up for you.

It really is simple.



Acrosalenia hemicidaroides

“Acrosalenia hemicidaroides”

Asteracanthus magnus tooth

“Asteracanthus magnus tooth”

Asteracanthus tenius tooth in situ

“Asteracanthus tenius tooth in situ”

Asteracanthus tenius tooth

“Asteracanthus tenius tooth”

echinoid Clypeus ploti bottom view 1b

“echinoid Clypeus ploti bottom view 1b”

echinoid Clypeus ploti bottom view 3b

“echinoid Clypeus ploti bottom view 3b”

echinoid Clypeus ploti bottom view 3c

“echinoid Clypeus ploti bottom view 3c”

echinoid Clypeus ploti close up view 1c

“echinoid Clypeus ploti close up view 1c”

echinoid Clypeus ploti close up view 2c

“echinoid Clypeus ploti close up view 2c”

echinoid Clypeus ploti in situ 1

“echinoid Clypeus ploti in situ 1”

echinoid Clypeus ploti in situ 2

“echinoid Clypeus ploti in situ 2”

echinoid Clypeus ploti top view 1a

“echinoid Clypeus ploti top view 1a”

echinoid Clypeus ploti top view 3a

“echinoid Clypeus ploti top view 3a”

Eomesodon trigonus tooth in situ

“Eomesodon trigonus tooth in situ”

Eomesodon trigonus tooth

“Eomesodon trigonus tooth”

quarry view 1

“quarry view 1”

quarry view 2

“quarry view 2”


“quarry view 3”

rootlets in grantham formation 1

“rootlets in grantham formation 1”

rootlets in grantham formation 2

“rootlets in grantham formation 2”

echinoid Clypeus ploti bottom view 2b

“echinoid Clypeus ploti bottom view 2b”

echinoid Clypeus ploti top view 2a

“echinoid Clypeus ploti top view 2a”

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  • Clare Withers says:

    You certainly looked a little bedraggled when you came home….but very pleased with yourself .

  • Sheila Martin says:

    Yippee, I managed to see this report after several tries at getting on the website and around it! Great pictures but could they be titled?
    Also, I will try and find the pictures that I took at Ketton several years ago on a “here it is then” and just look at it now.

  • Darren says:

    Hi Sheila,

    Well spotted…. descriptive photos would certainly help. So I’ve now made amends hope this looks better now.


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