* Lea Quarry field trip photos from the 3rd of October 2015 *

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Here are some photos from our Lea Quarry field trip on the 3rd of October 2015 sent in from one of our members. I really like the extra spooky FOG EFFECT…

Dalejina sp

Dalejina sp 1

Dalmanites cephalons

Dalmanites cephalons ‏ 2a

Dalmanites cephalons

Dalmanites cephalons1‏ a

Dalmanites pygidium

Dalmanites pygidium 1

Favosites gothlandicus

Favosites gothlandicus  1c

Favosites gothlandicus

Favosites gothlandicus ‏1d

Gastropod Loxonema gregaria

Gastropod  Loxonema gregaria

Stromatapora sp

Stromatapora sp 1c

Stromatapora sp

Stromatapora sp 1d

Fossiling in the Fog

fossiling in the fog

In the Abyss

in the abyss

Over looking the quarry

over looking the quarry 1

This ” pineapple ” coral is actually the coral Arachnophyllum murchisoni. It looks like the Acervularia but has differences. It lived from the start of the silurian to the Wenlock period.

Acervularia sp

Members group shot

group shot

Fossiling in the Fog

fossiling in the fog 1

Overlooking the Quarry

over looking the quarry



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