The Members Gallery

Below are photos of examples that our members have described by themselves. All these finds were found on one of our field trips from the past and present. Then kindly sent into us for the โ€œGallery โ€œ.

Asteracanthus magnus tooth
Acrosalenia hemicidaroides
Asteracanthus magnus tooth in-situ
Eomesodon trigonus tooth in situ
rare shark dermal denticle
rootlets in grantham formation
echinoid Clypeus ploti in situ
caloceras psiloceras
partial plesiosaur femur
Rare blue gypsum
Pink gypsum
icthyosaur vertebra
Ammonite block
Ammonite in situ
Ammonite as found
Ammonite as found
fish spine
crocodile coprolites as found
fish skull plate
fish scale