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By November 8, 2015News

As the Stamford and District Geological Society is always planning ahead in the background to try and bring a variety of locations for next year’s field trip calendar. We now have a possible place to go that requires your attention.

Thanks to the work of the Cambridgeshire Geosites Team, Dr Simon Kelly and the local community, an excavation is now available that provides remarkable access to conglomerates and sandstones of the Early Cretaceous Lower Greensand where it rests against the Jurassic limestone’s of the Jurassic Upware Island.

If you are a member or would like to become a member of the SGDS and would like to go. Then please let me know ASAP.

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  • Darren says:

    Regarding the possible Upware visit…Dr Simon Kelly has been in touch to say he has had messages flying in from all over and will be responding properly to all shortly once immediate commitments are sorted.

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