Pycnodont fish teeth from Ketton Quarry

By March 24, 2019News

Below and above with scale is a fine example of what I believe to be a partial jaw from an extinct species of pycnodont fish called Eomesodon cf. trigonus or Gyrodus sp found by one of our members on a recent trip to Ketton Quarry.
Our members have found single teeth from this fish from previous visits to Ketton Quarry, but this find is a first for the society as far as I’m aware.

Possible partial jaw of Gyrodus sp. or Eomesodon cf. trigonus above

Below are some comparison examples which are also from the Bathonian stage (Jaws of Gyrodus sp. and Eomesodon cf. trigonus).

Top: Prearticular (splenial) of Gyrodus cuvieri (Natural History Museum, London).
Bottom: Prearticular (splenial) of Eomesodon cf. trigonus (Department of Geology, University of Leicester).

The specimen is now in the hands of society member Richard Forrest going through a rather tricky prepping process.

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