Report back from the trip to the OUMNH on Saturday the 17th of November 2018.

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When you read and “quoted” below from the very informative Oxford University Museum Natural History website.

“Oxford University Museum of Natural History was founded in 1860, and today it holds an internationally-significant collection of natural history specimens and archives. Housed in a stunning neo-Gothic building inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites, the Museum is home to a lively programme of research, teaching and public events.”

You know its going to be a great day.

The architecture of this stunning building really comes to life with full sunlight beaming down for the mid-morning arrival of members of the Stamford and District Geological Society. As we were treated to an organised behind the scenes tour of palaeontology, guided by Dr Hilary Ketchum Collections Manager, Palaeontology.

With kind permission from the OUMNH we can show you some pictures from the day below.

Hilary talking to us about some of the historic fossils housed at the museum.

Stunning Ichthyosaur and plesiosaur display cases.

And a real treat to see a marine crocodile found in Eye, Peterborough.

And of course seeing the newly found plesiosaur “Eve” also from Peterborough.

Ending the guided tour with a wonderful look at some of the many thousands of vertebrate fossils collected from the past and present. To which I can assure you was a real eye opener for our younger members.

We shall hopefully organise another trip to the OUMNH next year.

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