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By January 12, 2017News

While we immersed ourselves, with lights dimmed, into the world of the Plesiosaurs. The Henry De la Beche sketch entitled- Duria Antiqour- A More Ancient Dorset was nicely inserted into Richards Forrest’s slideshow.

A great supporter of the work and importance of Mary Anning, of Lyme Regis, Henry De la Beche drew this sketch, in 1830, Mary Anning’s finds: (three types of Ichthyosaur, a Plesiosaur and Dimorphodon). It even appears to show the production of coprolites, from a terrified plesiosaur.

It seems everyone I talk to wants me to express appreciation for Richard’s inspiring presentation last night. Years of research,  depth of understanding of marine reptiles, and the ability to present the subject of Plesiosaurs in such an interesting way produced one of the most memorable evenings in our group’s history. And I’m sure there must have been some memories sparked for those who remember Alan Dawn talking about such matters.

I personally appreciated your approach to anticipating SDGS members who helped at the dig site. And I know all those who attended are intrigued with such a subject as much myself, and I plan to learn more.

Thank you to everyone who attended, hope to see you all at the February winter talk.





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