Arthur Smith Woodward. His Life and Influence on Modern Vertebrate Palaeontology

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You may be interested in obtaining a copy of the Geological Society Special Publication SP430 – Arthur Smith Woodward. His Life and Influence on Modern Vertebrate Palaeontology. The book is now available with a 30% discount and free P&P if ordered before the end of March – see attached flyer and order form below. Please forward to anyone you think may be interested.

Arthur Smith Woodward was the Natural History Museum’s longest-serving Keeper of Geology and the world’s leading expert on fossil fish. He was also an unwitting victim of the Piltdown fraud, which overshadowed his important scientific contributions. The aim of this book is to honour Smith Woodward’s contributions to vertebrate palaeontology, discuss their relevance today and provide insights into the factors that made him such an eminent scientist. The last few years have seen a resurgence in fossil vertebrate (particularly fish) palaeontology, including new techniques for the ‘virtual’ study of fossils (synchrotron and micro CT-scanning) and new research foci, such as ‘Evo-Devo’ – combining fossils with the development of living animals. This new research is built on a strong foundation, like that provided by Smith Woodward’s work. This collection of papers, authored by some of the leading experts in their fields, covers the many facets of Smith Woodward’s life, legacy and career. It will be a benchmark for studies on one of the leading vertebrate palaeontologists of his generation.



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