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* Bradgate Park *

Saturday July 23, 2016

This particular destination has always been a firm favourite with the Stamford and District Geological Society in the past. So we thought it’s time for a return visit.

Leicestershire is blessed with some of the oldest rocks to be seen in England, in Charnwood Forest. Here, Precambrian rocks crop out through a cover of Triassic Mercia Mudstone Group and Quaternary deposits. These rocks are very significant in the story of the earth, being the first place in the world to yield fossils of Precambrian age. The fieldtrip will examine these rocks in Bradgate Park. We will see evidence of extensive volcanic activity that took place in an island arc, depositing great thicknesses of mainly pyroclastic rocks in the seas that surrounded the volcanic islands. We will see evidence of late Precambrian igneous intrusions, the basal Cambrian quartzite and deeper water Cambrian mudstones, the Swithland Slates. These were originally also thought to be of Precambrian age but the discovery of trace fossils on local gravestones led to their age being revised to the Cambrian. We might also see an exposure of the Mercia Mudstone Group in a former brick pit that was probably the source of the clays used to build Bradgate House, home of Lady Jane Grey, the 9-day queen. We will also see the ruins of Bradgate House.

There will also be whole host of other cool pre-Cambrian stuff, but difficult to spot, even though in some cases they are exposed in plain sight on large slabs of bedrock. They tend to be in very low relief and you need the light to be at an angle, so dawn to early morning or late afternoon to dusk gives you the best chance of spotting them. Sadly, one of the easiest ways to spot good locations is by the crude and often unsuccessful attempts people have made to chisel them out – protected status or not. The responsible thing to do as you can see from my photos from a previous visit is….to bring your camera.:)

Here are a few Ediacaran life forms I’ve not identified as yet below :

Unkown 1

I have a map that should be helpful. Along with meet times and directions for all those interested in coming along. Please let me know if you would like to go ASAP as we need to let the head man of the Bradgate Trust know we are visiting to look at the geology.


Kenny Nye. Field secretary for the SDGS


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Saturday July 23, 2016
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