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Field Trip to Smokejacks Quarry

Sunday September 10, 2017 | 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Above is a Amphipolar spiral coprolite found by one of the members of the Stamford and District Geological Society on a organised field trip to Smokejacks Quarry.

Smokejacks Quarry.

This will be a trip organised by Kent’s Geologists Group member Peter Austen.Peter will need names and numbers for this event two weeks prior to the trip.

The south east corner of the quarry, where both the juvenile Iguanodon and Baryonyx were found is shown in the picture below.

Smokejacks Quarry

This trip is being run as part of the Kent Geologists’ Group field programme for 2016. This Weald Clay brickpit has yielded a number of important finds over the past three decades. In 1983 Bill Walker, an amateur collector, found a new theropod dinosaur, Baryonyx walkeri, which proved to be crucial to the understanding of the spinosaurs, and on the Geologists’ Association fieldtrip to the site in July 2001 a well-preserved partial skeleton of a juvenile iguanodont (Mantellisaurus atherfieldensis) was discovered by Geoff Toye, and subsequently excavated by the Natural History Museum. The Mantellisaurus skeleton was from the same bed as Baryonyx, and two Baryonyx teeth were also recovered from the excavation, suggesting that it may have been scavenged by Baryonyx. The site is also known for the early flowering plant Bevhalstia pebja (published in 1996), remains of which can still be found. The concretions of sideritic ironstone and fine grained calcareous sandstone have also yielded numerous insect remains (10 orders) including many new species. Remains of dinosaur, fish, crocodile, molluscs and non-angiospermous plants (ferns and cycads) can also be found. Recent discoveries have included an arthropod trackway, the first from the Wealden, and new species of crustacean, scorpionfly, leafhopper and beetles. Pterosaur bones, dinosaur footprints and a small cone similar to the present day Sequoia have also been recovered. In 2005 a spectacular death-bed assemblage of teleost fish was found, which included the first articulated pycnodont fish from the Wealden. Also, in 2011 a vertebra and partial jaw of a frog were found, the first recorded from the Upper Weald Clay. During the 2015 field season a new species of spinicaudatan (clam shrimp) was discovered as well as a number of new beetles.

N.B. It is likely that parts of the pit will be flooded – please take care.

The site is now fully fenced and will close at 4.30 p.m.

Cost: There will be a small charge of £2 per person to cover administration for non-Kent Geologists’ Group members.

Further details will be sent to all those wishing to attend.

The minimum age for access to the pit is 12 years of age under adult supervision but please check beforehand, the supervisor will also need to wear the appropriate safety gear.

Please note that entrance to this Working Quarry is Strictly Prohibited unless in association with a Geological Society such as the SDGS or other.

Field trip organisers will advise to all members attending the field trip beforehand on appropriate clothing and footwear for the locality, time of year and as recommended Orange Hi-Vis Vests.

Failure by participants to wear recommended clothing and equipment may lead to their exclusion from the meeting. The Stamford and District Geological Society does not automatically provide personal protective equipment.

Mandatory Equipment: Eye protection, Hard Hats, boots or wellies suitable for quarries, Orange Hi-Vis Vests.

Equipment: Generally a geologist’s pick, trowel, chisels and spade. There is plenty of smaller fossil material, so a magnifier or loupe comes in handy and, as much of the material is quite fragile, bring tissue, tape and bags. A packed lunch, Sun protection is advisable if it is a hot day, plus sufficient drink.

For those who are NOT members of the Stamford and District Geological Society. And wish to go on this particular Field Trip or any of our Field Trips and “Exclusive” member’s only Field Trips.

Then please apply for membership below.

*Important note : If you wish to leave early from the site, then please let one of the field trip leaders know before you do so*

“Members are reminded that they cannot take part in field trips without an up-to-date membership card.This is a requirement under our third party insurance cover. Note that this does not cover members personally and they are responsible for their own safety.”

Please note that entrance to this Working Quarry is Strictly Prohibited unless in association with a Geological Society such as the SDGS or other.

With all field events if you haven’t done so already please will Members. Let our Field Secretary Kenny Nye know at least 10 days in advance so we can cater for numbers this will be the ONLY WAY you will get registered as wishing to attend.

This field trip can usually cater for 15 persons but maby a few more if demand is high.

Members should appreciate that they are responsible for their own safety.
The society’s insurance is against 3rd parties.

The SDGS has the right to cancel or reschedule a field trip with as much notice as possible. In the unlikely event of cancellation, all registered participants will be notified by email and offered to join alternative field trips. If a fossil hunt is cancelled on the day of the event due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather, SDGS will not be able to accept responsibility for any additional costs or inconvenience resulting from the cancellation.

Weather report for Ellen’s Green near Smokejacks Quarry

This Ellen’s Green weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

You can cancel your place at any point before a fossil hunt, the more notice given the better, if possible.

Additional information about Smokejacks Quarry at this link provided : Smokejacks Quarry

Assessment: All attendees must familiarize themselves with the Risk Assessment below.


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Sunday September 10, 2017
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
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Smokejacks quarry
Wienerberger Ltd, Ewhurst Works, Horsham Road, Walliswood
Ockley, Surrey RH5 5QH United Kingdom