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* Ketton Quarry * Saturday 21st of May 2016

Saturday May 21, 2016 | 9:45 am to 4:00 pm

Hello and a warm welcome to all those reading this planned field trip organised by the Stamford and District Geological Society that ive now added to our Events Calendar. Ive added two PDF files for you to read that I dug out of the SDGS archives relating to Ketton Quarry.

Firstly is a report written by Alan Dawn for the Mercian publication in 2005 outlining the Middle Jurassic sequence at Ketton.

And secondly I found a page from the SDGS first ever Newsletter giving you a brief introduction about the work the society contributed to Ketton Quarry to help establishing a RIGS site.

They make both thought provoking and enjoyable reads.

Ketton Quarry fossils and fossil collecting (Lincolnshire)

Ketton Quarry is over a mile wide – its size has to be seen to be believed. The rocks here contain ammonites, corals, brachiopods, bivalves, fish and reptile remains, and much, much more. This is a superb location to visit.

The quarry has recently been designated SSSI status.

Restrictions: SSSI, private

Directions: You need to head towards the geological trail at Top Grange Quarry (see our guide to this site). From the main road from Stamford through Ketton (A6121), go past the large Hanson Cement Works, which is the main entrance to the quarry. Turn into the Ketton Business Park road and follow it all the way down, where you will see a small car park on the left, and the geological trail. There is an entrance to the quarry just past the start of the geological trail. This is a working quarry, so you will need permission to enter or be a member of a geological society such as the Stamford and District Geological Socieyty.

Geology: The quarry shows the finest section of Bajocian (Jurassic ~175mya) to Bathonian (Jurassic ~165mya) strata currently available in inland Britain. Current and temporary exposures have allowed the whole of the Great and Inferior Oolite (Aalenian to Bathonian), and the Kellaways Beds (Callovian) to be seen and the strata are nearly horizontal.

The lower quarry exposes the Lincoln Limestone Formation (Bajocian), while the floor of the upper quarry is formed by the top of this formation. The upper quarry is in the Rutland Formation. At the very top of the exposures is the base of the Oxford Clay, meaning that the entire of the Middle Jurassic can be seen at Ketton Quarry. (Note that recently, a sump hole in the middle of the quarry has revealed Upper Lias mudstones and more.)
Fossil collecting: This huge quarry presents an opportunity to collect fossils from many different beds (see above). Gypsum is also quite common here. Ketton Quarry also contains one of the most fascinating faults of its kind in the UK and has recently been designated SSSI status.

The quarry is too big to completely cover in one trip. It is huge and is still growing. The best area to search in is the Blisworth Limestone, which is part of the Oolite series. Ammonites can be found, but shells, corals, echinoids, sharks’ teeth and bones are more common. Dinosaur footprints have been seen, along with fragments of their bones.

If you are members please fill out the Booking Form below if you wish to attend.

If you are members of the Stamford and District Geological Society then please use the booking form if you wish to go on any of our field trips. If you are non-members and wish to go on any field trips then please enrol for membership to the society before you do so.
Please let us know at least 10 days in advance so we can cater for numbers as this will be the ONLY WAY you will get registered as wishing to attend.

If your are non-members and would like to go then please sign up for Membership as soon as possible by contacting :
Ms Sheila Martin,
email : membership [at] stamfordgeolsoc.org.uk
Emails are not instant links, please replace the [at] with a @ when you type. This is for security.

Also ive included the membership form here for you:

This field trip can usually cater for 25 persons but maby a few more if demand is high.

The only way you can visit this working pit is with a geological society (such as the Stamford and District Geological Group), you will have a much higher chance of finding fossils and much better specimens.

Here are few finds that I found from a previous field trip to Ketton Quarry that I thought you would like to see pictured below Ive managed to identify the first four finds as Eomesodon fish teeth. If anyone could help me Identify the other finds then please let me know.

Eomesodon fish teeth (1)

Eomesodon fish teeth (3)

Eomesodon fish teeth (2)

Eomesodon fish teeth (1)

ketton quarry find 1

ketton quarry find 2

ketton quarry find 3

ketton quarry find 4

ketton quarry find 5

ketton quarry find 6

ketton quarry find 7

ketton quarry find 8

ketton quarry find 9

ketton quarry find 10

ketton quarry find 11

ketton quarry find 12

ketton quarry find 13


For all quarry visits hard hats, reflective jackets and suitable footwear are essential, some sites also require eye protection. Some sites will allow under 16′s under adult supervision but please check beforehand, the supervisor will also need to wear the appropriate safety gear.

Members should appreciate that they are responsible for their own safety.

When entering working quarries due to new strict guide lines regarding PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Field trip organisers will advise to all members attending the field trip beforehand on appropriate clothing and footwear for the locality, time of year and as recommended Orange Hi-Vis Vests.
Failure by participants to wear recommended clothing and equipment may lead to their exclusion from the meeting. The Stamford and District Geological Society does not automatically provide personal protective equipment.

The society’s insurance is against 3rd parties.

The SDGS has the right to cancel or reschedule a field trip with as much notice as possible. In the unlikely event of cancellation, all registered participants will be notified by email and offered to join alternative field trips. If a fossil hunt is cancelled on the day of the event due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather, SDGS will not be able to accept responsibility for any additional costs or inconvenience resulting from the cancellation.
You can cancel your place at any point before a fossil hunt, the more notice given the better, if possible.

The Ketton Quarry photo and Ketton Quarry fossils and fossil collecting (Lincolnshire) information are used with permission from and in affiliation with UKfossils



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Saturday May 21, 2016
9:45 am to 4:00 pm
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Stamford and District Geological Society