It was a great evening with the world famous “Rutland Dinosaur”

By January 11, 2018News

Thank you to Dr Mark Evans (pictured above)  for “reintroducing” the Stamford and District Geological Society to the Rutland Dinosaur last night at Tinwell Village Hall, especially as certain members in the audience were involved in some kind of way as Mark told the story from the dinosaurs discovery to its present progress. With new developments from continued ongoing work, this really is a find of such importance.

It was also great to see some additional information brought in on the night from members Terry & Jean, of photos with Alan Dawn and others, showing some of the bones of the Rutland Dinosaur at Stamford College.

And thank you to Ivor Crowson (pictured with Mark below for arranging the talk.)

p.s. There was a snippet of information that Mark had told us about at the end of the talk, that involved Dr Jeff Liston and colleagues, who are apparently trying to decipher this quote from Mark below.

“So here we have Cetiosaurus oxoniensis “or” it might not be” 😉

Thank you to everyone for a great night


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